Sustainable Construction

    The Sustainable Advantage
    Building sustainable structures is simply the right thing to do — right for the environment and right for business. Sustainable building projects routinely produce greater marketability, higher employee productivity and improved building efficiencies. To assist owners in developing and implementing the best strategies, IMEC combines experienced people, a collaborative methodology and custom tools to help customers address the triple bottom line: environmental, social and economic.

    Custom Tools to Enhance the Process
    Understanding and evaluating cost premiums for various sustainable strategies are essential to any green building project. Imagine the advantage of having current first costs and life cycle data at a very conceptual phase of a project — even before start of design. IMEC works with clients to the determine with a higher level of certainty which sustainability measures make the most sense for a specific project’s goals. Using developed innovative strategies, IMEC provides detailed cost data and identifies the “break-even” point based on estimated design and construction costs and anticipated operational savings. The developed strategy is also used to analyze various LEED rating systems and levels of certifications from the earliest stages of preconstruction through project completion.