General Contracting

We offer a full line of construction services that can be structured to your particular needs. Services that take your project from concept to completion with astonishing results, provide the best value for your dollar, and assure completion on time and within budget. We can structure any combination of services to create a customized program for your unique project requirements.

We solicit only those qualified to perform the subcontracted trades on your job; those with proven ability to meet the expectations of the project and our management requirements. We require our subs to pay careful attention to safety, to maintain a clean worksite, to demonstrate a stable financial condition and sound and experienced management structure. Our project managers and field superintendents are seasoned professionals who know their jobs and how their jobs affect the wellbeing of your business

Construction Management – At Risk

We can perform at-risk work under a variety of guaranteed maximum price (GMP) and firm price contract structures, and will work in concert with our clients to develop a mutually-agreeable risk structure that ensures the project is optimality planned and executed.

IMEC will tailor our suite of at-risk services to meet the unique demands of our client and work together with the entire project team to execute the most demanding construction projects for a guaranteed maximum price.

Our at-risk delivery approaches include:

  • CM with a GMP
  • General contracting
  • CM as constructor
  • CM with fixed general conditions

Design + Build Services

We focus on listening to our customer’s vision and communicating these expectations throughout the design and construction process. We provide feedback on costs and constructability throughout design, encouraging dialogue. Our goal is to offer the project team more flexibility, creating significant opportunities for innovation and creative problem solving

Among the many benefits of design-build are:

  • Design and construction services under one contract
  • Cost and schedule are controlled by a single entity
  • Typically best method for fast-track projects
  • High quality design delivered economically
  • Subcontractor expertise can be obtained in design process

Sustainable Construction

The Sustainable Advantage

Building sustainable structures is simply the right thing to do — right for the environment and right for business. Sustainable building projects routinely produce greater marketability, higher employee productivity and improved building efficiencies. To assist owners in developing and implementing the best strategies, IMEC combines experienced people, a collaborative methodology and custom tools to help customers address the triple bottom line: environmental, social and economic.

Custom Tools to Enhance the Process

Understanding and evaluating cost premiums for various sustainable strategies are essential to any green building project. Imagine the advantage of having current first costs and life cycle data at a very conceptual phase of a project — even before start of design. IMEC works with clients to the determine with a higher level of certainty which sustainability measures make the most sense for a specific project’s goals. Using developed innovative strategies, IMEC provides detailed cost data and identifies the “break-even” point based on estimated design and construction costs and anticipated operational savings. The developed strategy is also used to analyze various LEED rating systems and levels of certifications from the earliest stages of preconstruction through project completion.