Move Management

    • Facility Management

We can create a seamless transition for your next relocation or renovation project so you can maintain operational focus.

The burden, cost and disruption of moving a staff or renovating a facility can often exceed the available resources needed for successful execution. IMEC creates seamless transition plans for our clients that identify tasks to be accomplished, define resources required and establish timeframes for execution.

We believe that no one knows your operations quite like your internal staff. Our team takes a methodology approach performing in-depth operational interviews and partners with your key stakeholders to understand the complexities of your unique organization. We develop customized approaches that complement existing resources while maximizing your daily operations.

Our move managers have more than 20 years of experience providing transition, relocation and activation management services. Each project’s unique challenges have shaped us as experts, from optimizing operational space and systems within a new facility to the logistics of move-in.

IMEC’s relocation services include:

  • Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)
  • Specific Project Tasks
  • Move Planning
  • Asset Management