Facility Management Operational Support

IMEC provides highly trained technical and managerial resources to support or supplement our client’s Facility Management organization and operational needs. Our flexible model allows our team to manage every aspect of your facilities to create a safe, compliant environment that allows your team to increase efficiencies and optimize your workspace.

Whether we provide technical or administrative support, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive facility management strategy in conjunction with critical support functions that include help desk and call centers, cost management, and work order processing are fundamental to delivering high quality services that are safe, on time, and cost effective.
In addition to our core self-performed management capability, we can scale to our clients’ needs through our subcontract management process.

We do this through IMEC’s Supply Chain Management, where suppliers are qualified and understand our company’s commitment to the clients’ mission and goals in managing their FM Portfolio.

Some of the key services of IMEC’s FM Operational Support Services are:

  • Project Management
  • Design Management
  • Facility Planning
  • Telecommunications & A/V Consulting
  • Operations and Maintenance Programming
  • O&M Strategies, Standards and Programs
  • Document Validation and Management

Space Planning and Management

IMEC’sdesigners practice design-thinking ideology which asserts that a hands-on, user-centric approach to space planning can lead to innovation in organizing furniture and office functions.We help organizations optimize their portfolios and implement ongoing workplace projects. IMEC’s space management teams, which often are embedded within our clients’ organizations and working on their sites, help our clients manage their occupancy requirements to align with their business needs.

We take an integrated approach to real estate portfolio strategy, project space planning and data management. This proactive space management increases real estate efficiencies while reducing operating costs.

Our teams implement, optimize and manage industry-leading integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) that equip clients with accurate space and occupancy data for forecasting and decision support Space is at a premium in today’s work environment and it may be difficult to accommodate a workgroup or workflow in a given area. The solution often involves reworking the space or reconfigure in our terms. These types of move are complex, disruptive to staff and involve a chain of events that include coordination with IT and facilities involved.

Whether your project involves relocation and design of a new space, expansion or consolidation of an existing facility or cosmetic enhancements, IMEC can provide you with creative practical solutions that will provide efficient and effective use of space.

Some of the key services of IMEC’s Space Planning & Management are:

  • Master Planning
  • Workplace Strategy
  • Occupancy Planning
  • Change Management
  • Asset Advisory

Move Management

We can create a seamless transition for your next relocation or renovation project so you can maintain operational focus.

The burden, cost and disruption of moving a staff or renovating a facility can often exceed the available resources needed for successful execution. IMEC creates seamless transition plans for our clients that identify tasks to be accomplished, define resources required and establish timeframes for execution.

We believe that no one knows your operations quite like your internal staff. Our team takes a methodology approach performing in-depth operational interviews and partners with your key stakeholders to understand the complexities of your unique organization. We develop customized approaches that complement existing resources while maximizing your daily operations.

Our move managers have more than 20 years of experience providing transition, relocation and activation management services. Each project’s unique challenges have shaped us as experts, from optimizing operational space and systems within a new facility to the logistics of move-in.

IMEC’s relocation services include:

  • Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)
  • Specific Project Tasks
  • Move Planning
  • Asset Management

Facility Condition Assessment

For facility professionals tasked with assessing and analyzing a portfolio or single facility focusing on capital planning and budgeting, success usually starts with one thing: accurate, timely data on the condition of their facilities. IMEC’s Facility Condition Assessments team provide this and much more to help our clients make informed decisions. Building owners trust IMEC to help them successfully manage the repair, renewal, replacement, and compliance of their facilities.

IMEC has experience with a variety of buildings, including Government Buildings and Life Science Facilities, Educational Campuses, Commercial Buildings, and Healthcare Facilities.

IMEC provides customized software solutions to manage collected data in a secure, cloud-based environment, empowering clients with dynamic search and reporting capabilities. Our asset management software solutions can migrate data to popular Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Capital Planning and Management Systems (CPMS).

Some of the key benefits of IMEC Facility Condition Assessments are:

  • Benchmarking.
  • Clear, regular maintenance requirements.
  • The identification of potential safety hazards.
  • Compliance with ADA.
  • Energy conservation opportunities.

IMEC provides services across the real estate life cycle, including:

  • Facility Modeling and Analysis
  • Vertical Transportation Assessments
  • ADA Assessments & Compliance
  • Capital Planning
  • Energy Studies
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Facility Equipment Inventory
  • Project Management
  • Architectural & Engineering Consulting

IMEC goes above and beyond: Every Client. Every Project. Every Time.
IMEC is reliable, accurate, timely, and experienced—with a growing track record of over a million managed and completed project. IMEC is committed to getting your job done right, a promise we fulfill with unparalleled real estate experience, best-in-class processes and technologies, and a client focus that consistently exceeds expectations.